Joan hard at work on a recent oil painting titled
Joan hard at work on a recent oil painting titled "Four Horse Hitch"

Drawing and painting farm life and horses has always been a passion of Joan's.  She began drawing at an early age, and has never taken any formal art training.  Joan takes many workshops and courses to help define her style and learn new techniques she can later integrate into her work.  She has always lived on a farm, and finds that everyday happenings inspire most of her work.  Joan enjoys working on all mediums, and painting or drawing onto almost any flat surface.

The metal work aspect of Joan's repertoire came about as somewhat of an accident!  Her husband, Ray, has a welding shop, and Joan was trying to brainstorm new ways to use up the scrap.  Ray had a hand held plasma cutter in the shop, and one day Joan put the two together and her metal art projects were born!  To create the pieces, each is roughly drawn onto steel, then cut out with the hand held plasma cutter.  The cutter is similar to a pencil, and it allows Joan to give each piece unique characteristics.  After the piece is cut out, any sharp edges are ground off, and the piece is ready for painting.  After the desired finish is put on, it can be mounted to a number of items, depending on the request of the customer.

Joan's work is well received wherever she takes it.  She can easily adapt an idea from a customer to become a wonderful, treasured piece of useable art.  Her work has been sold to Eastern Canada, United States and Argentina.  Joan often travels to trade shows and Christmas markets in West Central Saskatchewan and Alberta to sell her wares and take commissions.

Joan and her husband, Ray, live on a farm near Neilburg, Saskatchewan.  Her studio and gallery are always open to visitors!  She can he reached at 306-823-4565.

Art by Joan Herbert
Box 221, Neilburg, Saskatchewan S0M 2C0
Phone 306-823-4565
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