Ray's Custom Fabricating

Ray's Custom Fabricating - Ray Herbert - Box 221 Neilburg, SK  S0M 2C0 - 306-823-4565

Ray's is a family owned and operated business near Neilburg Saskatchewan.

The first Feed Box unit was built out of necessity - to try to reduce the high cost of winter feeding our cattle.  Our goal was to downsize iron (tractors, etc.), increase our cattle numbers and still keep the work load manageable.  In 1995, I built a prototype that fit into the back of our farm pick up truck.  The hopper was equipped with a 12 volt motor and augered feed/ration/grain out on the ground.  Using a stopwatch with the motor, the unit metered out grain quite accurately.  By 1998, I had refined the idea and built a few more units for friends and neighbors.  I also began testing the market further by attending trade shows.

Standard units now have a 12 volt electric motor, are truck mounted and have a 6 inch auger that discharges on the driver's side so you can pasture feed, bunk feed or top dress swath grazing.  Capacities of the Feed Box vary, and are available in 1500, 2000, 3000 and 6000 lb capacities.  Any trailer mounted unit has tandem walking beam axles.  Popular options include longer augers, fold back augers, hydraulic drive and pick-n-load with a bale handler.  I will build a unit to suit you and your operation's needs - call me to discuss.

Other products from our shop include various sizes of stationary feed bins and hydraulic tipping tables for horses or cows.